Filling Out the ECCN for the Commercial Invoice

The ECCN is a five-character alphanumeric code issued by the Department of Commerce to identify dual-use items (products that can be applied for both commercial and military purposes) for the purpose of export control. Items are classified based on their makeup, i.e. the type of product, software, or technology they entail. If the ECCN number corresponding to your item appears on the government’s Commerce Control List, you will need a special license to export your goods outside of the U.S.

How to Determine Your ECCN Number:

Refer to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to access the Classification Information Table from its website. You will see a listing of companies that have voluntarily provided information for ECCN classifications.

Once you have gathered background information on the item’s technical make-up and format of the Commerce Control List (CCL), you are ready to fill out
the ECCN. Here are some basic instructions for getting it done:

The first digit of the ECCN depends on whether it belongs to one of the following categories:

Commerce Control List Categories

0 – Nuclear materials, elements, and equipment

1 – Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms and Toxins

2 – Material Processing

3 – Electronics

4 – Computers

5 – Part 1 – Telecommunications; Part 2 – Information Security

6 – Sensors and Lasers

7 – Navigation and Avionics

8 – Marine

9 – Aerospace and Propulsion

➔ The second digit depends on which of the following product groups your item belongs to:

Product Groups

A. End Items, Equipment, Accessories, Attachments, Parts, Components, and Systems
B. Test, Inspection, and Production Equipment
C. Materials
D. Software
E. Technology

● E.g., If you are shipping electronics technology, the first two digits of the ECCN will be 3E.If your item does not correspond to any of the categories above, consult the CCL.
● If your item does not specify a ECCN in any CCL category, it should be designated as EAR99.
● For a listing of all existing ECCNs, click here.

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