The SPL Group has five warehouse facilities strategically located close to the busiest shipping ports.

Your One-Stop-Shop Warehouse Powerhouse

– Extensive B2B/B2C
– eCommerce Fulfillment
– Storage

The SPL Group’s warehouses are located in southern California and Northeastern USA. We are approved to ship to Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, and other big-name retailers. We’re up to date on most retailers’ compliance requirements and have strong, established relationships with major retailers, which tremendously benefits our clients. 

Our licensed warehouse software offers enterprise-level inventory management with inbound and outbound visibility, tracking, optimized waving, and picking and packing strategies, including advanced cartonization services. We pride ourselves on offering unique services, such as PDQ (display ready), when our customers require it. 

SPL Group is uniquely positioned to act as partners for our clients’ multi-marketplace strategies (B2B & B2C fulfillment). It is prepared to meet these demands head-on, making omnichannel fulfillment one of the most extensive opportunities for our 3PL division. 

Manpower & Quick Turnaround

We have a highly skilled team that understands each customer’s needs, including routing guide specifications, quick deployment, eCommerce pick and pack, and specially tailored projects. We are dedicated to providing detail-specific service with utmost professionalism and diligence. We manage the high standards and expectations that your customers hold you to with quick and efficient order fulfillment. With decades of experience, our staff are experts in storage, packaging, dispatching, and transporting. 

B2B Orders

We’re fully set up to process B2B orders using retail-compliant labels for multimodal shipping and a single repository of orders and inventory across all warehouses and stores. Our facilities employ state-of-the-art barcode scanners and warehousing software to eliminate human error and ensure optimized packaging and delivery. We offer customizable programs that are available to accommodate your unique needs from servicing all sizes of parcels to irregular shipping requirements.

Order Fulfillment and eCommerce

We provide more than just a place to store your inventory. We fulfill your orders, package, ship, and, when required, handle returns. We manage the high standards and expectations that your customers hold you to with quick and efficient order fulfillment. Leave all the aspects of your online sales process to us! We’ll ensure your inventory is managed correctly and your orders prepared, dispatched, and delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our bar code scanners and inventory management software give you instant access to inventory and package status updates. Our complete 3PL services put us in a unique position to handle your business’ individual needs fully.

Bulk Storage

Whether you need to store a few pallets or containers, SPL Group’s, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facilities are ready for your inventory. Our warehouses are generously staffed, have 24/7 security systems, and are fully insured. We’re ready to take on inventory for long or short-term storage, as well as drop-ship merchandise and products with a dynamic turnover.

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