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Businesses of all sizes ship products to their customers.  SPL Group is a full service, shipping logistics company that offers competitive pricing along with premium, white glove service for small parcel shipping, warehousing, and trucking. The following are frequently asked questions about our offerings.  

SPL Group has long-established, close working relationships with all the major carriers. This enables SPL Group to negotiate additional discounts on your behalf. SPL Group’s experts are also knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the accessorials and surcharges that the carriers pass on to you and are uniquely qualified to negotiate discounts on those as well. 

Most carriers offer volume discounts, so if you are a business whose volume precludes you from receiving volume discounts, SPL Group’s Group Purchasing Plan allows you to benefit from those discounts by grouping your volume together with other shippers. 

All brand name national trucking companies as well as thousands of local trucking companies and can offer competitive rates. Additionally, SPL Group has warehouses on both the East and West Coasts boasting 1.1 million square feet of storage space, over 200 loading docks, and enough manpower to take care of your B2B, B2C, and eCommerce fulfillment needs.

Nothing! SPL Group will audit 6 months of your invoices for free and if we cannot find you savings on your shipping costs you pay nothing. If we do find you the savings we expect we can, our fee comes out of the amount we save you. 

Never! SPL Group goes out of its way to ensure that transitioning to us requires nothing new from you. Once we’ve negotiated your discounts, you continue shipping as you did before but you will be billed by SPL Group instead of directly from the carrier. 

SPL Group has its own proprietary software which is available to all of our clients to use to order pickups, print labels, and see their billing. However, if you choose to continue only using the carrier’s software you can do that as well. It all depends on which of our services you select. 

Yes! After you fill in the basic information our software will list all of your options across all the major carriers and list them by price or delivery time. 

For our small parcel services simply CONTACT US, one of our shipping/logistics professionals will assist you. They will ask for 3-6 most recent months of carrier invoices so we can run a full analysis and recommend a cost-saving plan for you. This usually takes about 1 week. For our other services, see below.

While you are free to choose which carrier you prefer to work with, oftentimes the steeper discounts come by switching carriers. 

Generally, our contracts require you remain with us for a period of time. However, there are windows if you change your mind. We are confident that our pricing and service is so good you will want to stay with us.

You are free to ship with as many carriers as you wish. Our contracts are individualized to your specific needs – just be mindful of the volume commitments you make. 

As they are different services they have their own procedures. If you have an LTL/FTL need you would contact one of our pros who will get the details of your shipment. You will get a quote from our carrier database and we will show you the absolute lowest price so you can get the most savings on your shipping. We quote competitive prices and give you top-rated service. We will schedule your pickup and delivery, create the Bill of Lading, monitor your shipment, and make sure it arrives on time. When shipping LTL, we work with all of the major national carriers and will get you competitive quotes using our Digital Freight Matching (DFM) software. When your shipment is going to be handled by an independent or regional truck service company, they will come from one of the major Load Boards we subscribe to – which means they have been rated, background checks have been done and safety records reviewed. When your shipment is going to a major retailer, rest assured that it will be handled by a preapproved, well-known national shipping company.

If you need to rent space in one of our warehouses, contact us, and one of our storage professionals will reach out to you. We have facilities on the East and West Coasts. 


Yes! Right now we require that you have 20 containers delivered per year. 

Yes! We have established close relationships with numerous retailers and are up to date on most retailers’ compliance requirements. Additionally, our team thoroughly understands the details involved in retailer routing guides.

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