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What is a Shipping
Concierge ?

At SPL Group we do more than just negotiating reduced shipping rates and auditing carrier invoices. A Shipping Concierge goes the extra mile to take much of the hassle out of shipping. As your Shipping Concierge, we get you the best price, help you work more efficiently with the carriers, deal with retrieving lost packages, communicate with the customs office, offer 3PL solutions and advice to improve the way you ship plus much more. We offer you white-glove service, always at your side throughout the process dealing with issues big and small. 

Small Parcel &
Corporate Management

You have an accountant file your taxes, you have a lawyer handle legal work- have the shipping expert at SPL Group manage your shipping! Shipping logistics is a complicated, nuanced piece of your business. Let our knowledgeable and available corporate management team handle your shipping/logistics needs, help you work more efficiently with major carriers, and save you money. Our staff are experts in carrier packaging optimization and employ technology-based solutions, strong analytical skills, years of experience, and strong carrier relationships to optimize the way you ship. 

Warehousing &
3PL Services

Our knowledgeable warehouse team understands your company’s needs, whether for routing guide specifications, quick deployment, pick and pack, specially tailored projects, or efficient order fulfillment. We have long-established relationships with numerous big-box retailers, stay updated on most retailers’ compliance requirements, and offer unsurpassed quality control and transparency to ensure seamless delivery. With 2.2 million square feet of storage space, 291 loading docks, over 100 employees, and 30+ years of experience, the SPL Group is qualified and experienced to handle your warehouse needs. 

291 loading docks

2.2 MIL. Sq. Ft total warehouse area

LTL Freight Services

We work with all major trucking carriers across the US and over 70,000 independent and regional trucking companies to provide the best freight service domestically in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our LTL/FTL service is well-priced, transparent, and efficient. We make the process easy by scheduling your pickup and delivery, creating the Bill of Lading, monitoring your shipment, and ensuring everything arrives on time. We do everything but drive the truck.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Is Still Alive And Kicking

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Is Still Alive And Kicking In the era of digital transformation, where online shopping platforms seem to dominate the retail landscape, brick-and-mortar stores have demonstrated remarkable resilience, refusing to be overshadowed by the convenience of eCommerce.

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You Need Help With Your Shipping Operation

If you are a company that ships products, you are well aware of the complex and time-consuming nature of the process. There are numerous variables and factors to consider, making it challenging for businesses to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods while keeping costs under control.

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How can we help you?

We take pride in our time-proven process of optimizing and streamlining the way businesses ship. We won’t just save you money, we’ll help you work more efficiently with the carriers. Put our fantastic carrier relationships and skilled, solution-minded corporate managers to work for you. 

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Be the first to know about new arrivals and promotions

Let's Get Started!

Be the first to know about new arrivals and promotions

Let's Get Started!

Be the first to know about new arrivals and promotions

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