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CPB Form 5106

A Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) form 5106 is used to create or update a unique number for any importer bringing products with a value over $2,500 into the United

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Commercial Invoice

Filling Out the Commercial Invoice

What information are you required to provide? ● Reason for export: business transaction or gift?● Shipping date and number: your carrier’s number also known as the air waybill number. The

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FAQs: U.S. Export License

Export licenses are government-issued documents certifying that items leaving the U.S. have been reviewed and granted permission for export. Q: Do I Need an Export License?A: About 95% of shipments

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Explaining ECCN for International Shipping

Glossary of Terms: Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) Department of Commerce (DoC) Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (EAR99) Commerce Control List (CCL) If shipping and logistics

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Carrier Changes

The carriers update their transportation and surcharge rates periodically throughout the year. The following carrier links will keep you updated:

Check out the SPL Blog for additional industry updates.

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