Filling out the HTS Code for the Commercial Invoice

The HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System)

Internationally accepted system developed by the World Customs Organization for classifying internationally traded products. This coded arrangement helps customs determine import and export restrictions, as well as duty rates, and decide which ones apply to items being imported into the U.S. The HTS is often referred to as an item’s tariff classification.
➔ How to Determine the HTS Code:

● The first six digits remain identical in all shipments, while different countries add
2-4 supplementary numbers to represent different item categories.
● You can look up the HS Code (also known as the HTS Code) for your shipment
using most government websites or via an online search tool.
● To determine your HS Code without accessing a help tool:

We will use a 100% cotton women’s short-sleeved T-shirt as an example. The HS code
will be as follows:

❖ Category: Textiles and Articles (62)
❖ Subcategory: T-shirts, singlets and other vests (11)
❖ Material: Cotton (42)
❖ The HS code, in this case, consists of the digits in the previous categories
combined, resulting in the number: 621142

➔ The HS is made up of 5,300 articles or product descriptions referred to as
‘headings’ and ‘subheadings.’ Every country worldwide is required to use
identical HS sections, chapters, headings, and subheadings, though in reality,
differences are known to take place.
➔ Full listing of HTS Codes here.
Here is a complete listing of country codes

The US requires a 10-digit HS code, with the final six digits representing the local item categories.

Exemptions from HTS Listing

HTS Code 7311.00 – Iron or steel containers transporting for compressed or liquefied gas
HTS Code 9804.00 – Articles imported by or for the account of individuals arriving/emigrating to
the U.S. including: Books, household items, and personal apparel.

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