Small Parcel

Put SPL Group’s top-tier software and shipping expertise to work for you.

Small Parcel

Put SPL Group’s top-tier software and shipping expertise to work for you.

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We serve businesses with both low and high shipping volumes, giving each company the tailored, most cost-efficient solution that’s right for them. From carrier optimization to shipping logistics management, the SPL Group’s got your back! We help improve your overall efficiency without compromising performance with no intrusion into your current operations. Our experts will leverage your existing carrier data to develop a strategy that maximizes your bottom line and boosts customer satisfaction. Here is how we do that

Invoice Auditing

Shipping invoices are complicated and almost always changing. Customer service call lines for major carriers make it tough to reach a human. Finding carrier error can be a long and arduous task. Our professionals will analyze your invoices and find carrier errors. We will contact the carrier and get your account credited. 

Carrier Optimization

We run a comprehensive analysis of your current shipping spend. Based on our findings and long-established relationship with all the major carriers, we negotiate a discount on your behalf. We only make money when you save money- It’s that simple. 

Shipping Consolidation

Don’t ship enough to warrant volume discount shipping rates? No problem! Our Group Purchasing Organization enables you to get those discounts by being part of our shipping cooperative. 

Corporate Management

Not all businesses have the resources to employ shipping and logistics professionals. Our in-house shipping/logistics consultants can manage your entire shipping operation, keep a watchful eye over your inventory and help you cut costs on expenses. We’ll also swiftly take care of lost or late packages. 

How can we
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We take pride in our time-proven process of optimizing and streamlining the way businesses ship. We won’t just save you money, we’ll help you work more efficiently with the carriers. Put our fantastic carrier relationships and skilled, solution-minded corporate managers to work for you.

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