Commercial Invoice

Filling out the HTS Code for the Commercial Invoice

The HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) Internationally accepted system developed by the World Customs Organization for classifying internationally traded products. This coded arrangement helps customs determine import and export restrictions, as well as duty rates, and decide which ones apply to items being imported into the U.S. The HTS is often referred …

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Filling Out the Commercial Invoice

What information are you required to provide? ● Reason for export: business transaction or gift?● Shipping date and number: your carrier’s number also known as the air waybill number. The invoice and order numbers may be included for administrative purposes but aren’t essential.● Incoterms: Determines the party responsible for the package during shipping.● Goods description: …

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FAQs: U.S. Export License

Export licenses are government-issued documents certifying that items leaving the U.S. have been reviewed and granted permission for export. Q: Do I Need an Export License?A: About 95% of shipments leaving the U.S. don’t need one since only a small number of exports, such as high-end weapon systems, require this document. Q: Can I sell …

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