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Environmental Regulations and Trucking

Environmental Regulations and Trucking The State of California is known for leading the nation in regulations. So it is no surprise that California’s powerful Air Resources Board (CARB) has adopted the Advanced Clean Fleet rule after several years of proposals and hearings. The rule intends to eventually end using internal combustion engines (ICE) on California’s …

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The Sustainability Factor

The Sustainability Factor As we enter 2023, there is one issue that will be focused on very strongly in the shipping/logistics world; environmental sustainability. Environmental issues are generally politically fraught and often elicit opposing visceral views. However, the free market has become a major factor in the move toward greater sustainability. Legislation and regulation have …

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Supply Chain Disruptions In our last blog post, we explored the journey a hypothetical $20 T-Shirt purchased online takes to get from the factory to your front door. We touched on how multiple disruptions to the supply chain during Covid exposed the unpreparedness of the whole supply chain to numerous simultaneous failures. Here, we try …

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Returns – Here’s What You Need to Know

Returns Consumers have come to expect two basic things from retailers, particularly online eCommerce/omnichannel sellers; free and quick delivery and free returns. Those are the Holy Grail you need to offer in order to be competitive in the digital economy. In previous submissions, I addressed how free shipping isn’t always free. While retailers are savvy …

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